Thursday, June 18, 2009

Caledonia Mission

She reads the leaves
And she leads the life
That she learned so well
From the old wives
It's so strange to arrange it
Though I wouldn't change it
But hear me, if you're near me
Can I just rearrange it?

Yeah.. so I just decided to super-quickly type the first lines of the song I happened to be listening to... Why is The Band so brilliant? Tell me now. Especially Whispering Pines :(

A lot of things have happened since I last wrote on here, I suppose. Not too much of note except for the things I will so elegantly describe. 

The hair of mine head hath been re-moved.
Hold up, Shakespeare, not ALL of it! But last-last Sunday (11 days ago or something... I can't count backwards), I busted into Suki's and got my locks chopped off into a sort of bob. Well, it's a 100% bob but I can't really bring myself to say it. Anyway, I think it looks kinda cool and it also removes a lot of very hateful summer insulation. 

I have a freakin bike.
Though David did build me a rather lovely, light-blue Miele road bike, it was far too big for my short little legs. Clearance was negative. So on the same day that I cut my hair, I got a second-hand Shogun from Sports Junkies. This, after weeks of searching on Craigslist, and in bike stores. So we fixed it up (by this I mean David did things and I tried to help, usually being scorned). (Whatevs, it got done in a week). Now we're waiting for new tires to come in. They had to be ordered from afar because no one in Vancouver sells Continental Ultra Gatoskins in 26 1/4. I know this because I called every bike store in Vancouver that Google provided me with :o I took my bike out for a test ride today for about half an hour. Everything was fine except I had and have no idea how friction shifting actually works. So because I sort of arbitrarily moved one of the levers, my bike wouldn't stop shifting gears at random for the entire ride. What...... David will teach me the true ways tomorrow, I hope. 

I am so tired! My head hurts! I'm covered in small wounds!
Ok, the wounds are from being outside a lot last weekend, helping at the Longest Day and the Harry Jerome. At the Longest Day, I got like 15 mosquito bites on my feet and legs. Wahhh! Then the Harry Jerome was all about moving equipment, so obviously I got harmed by hurdles, and one of those massive blocks with the lane number on it gave me a dagger-like splinter. Then I whacked my knee on my bike today, which was bloody. Then I knicked myself not once but twice in the shower... So I'm kind of a mess right now. I probably look like I've been hittin up through the legs. It's time to sleep now. Work today was very slow and therefore I was dyyyying for the last few hours. Also, I've been staying up too late and getting up nice and early, so I'm just kind of generally exhausted. I can't do the 6 hour sleep dealio in the summer! What is this! Therefore, I propose going to sleep before midnight. Fo serious! 


PS. Picking up my mug from Crankpots tomorrow for Father's Day!! Yeahyeah.