Sunday, May 17, 2009

Cast on

Duotone cardigan, take two.

So I kind of explained my frustrations with knitting with more than one ball of yarn. Trying to juggle 5 rolly-polly (olly) balls and all the complicated tangling of string actually made me hate knitting that sweater. So I hit up Urban Yarns today, which happened to be having a megggga sale. I talked to one of their ever-friendly and helpful staff and I picked out 11 balls of dark blue yarn. "Gedifra Living" in dye lot 17. Normally these little 50g fellows are $9.95 each (OW) but I got them for OHWHAT 60% OFF!!! So all 11 came to about $47. I win. I feel so lucky that I got such a good deal, but also that they even had enough yarn in the first place. There were a lot of dark blues that were sadly the only skein left. Poor things. 

Tonight: Cast on 136 sts. 

Tomorrow: The world.

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