Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lucked out

You know the kind of middle-aged Asian lady with overly-defined (possibly blue) eyebrows? Often with short and perfectly styled hair? They are the worst complainers at work and all of them have blended into one face. I want to tell them to just suck it up, if you wait an hour, YOU ARE LUCKY!!! I think around the 20 minute mark, she came up to me and asked if Henry was working. I found this confusing. I asked what she meant by this. She asked if he was working, as in, was he seeing patients. ESL communication issues are old hat but irritating to me, and this, coupled with her half-lidded and severe gaze, was not welcome. Somewhat bewildered, I said that yes, he is working and he is seeing patients right now. When she drifted away, I realized that she was actually skeptical whether Henry was just chilling back there and intentionally avoiding his patients! She came back somewhat frequently to confirm whether Henry was or was not working. And reiterated the common complainer statements - how long she had been waiting, what time her appointment was, how this was ridiculous, etc. No mention of a parking meter but that's one of 'em, too. She had to reeeeally get this straight - he was with ONE patient for a whole hour???! No, no, Asian lady. No, no. He was seeing many patients. She also wanted to know why sooo many people were going in ahead of her when she came in early! Well, most of them were seeing the other doctor, and also, we call people in order of their booked times. Not first-come first-served. Duh. She just stood there looking at me with the most hateful expression. I tried to go back to my address-inputting duties, but her gaze was too evil to ignore. She finally sat down. I noticed that she and her elderly woman-friend were getting up, and then Angie called them. Asian lady was all, "We waited so long for this appointment, we were going to leave!" Angie, the surprisingly curt gal that she is, asked them if they did in fact want to walk out of the office or see the doctor. Ha. They decided they wanted to see the doctor.

One amazing thing that happened today came in the form of a call-de-phone. Annie had told me about a realtor she had seen on signs around Vancouver by the name of Spice Lucks. Amazing. What kind of parent balances the already-embarrassing last name of Lucks with the name Spice?? Is it even her real name? What does she look like? Annie theorized a second generation Asian woman, the kind that had the misfortune of being named something 'cool' by a parent that did not really grasp the nuances of the language. That was Friday. Then today, at work. I got a call. Caller ID: Spice Lucks. OH WHAT!! My brain leapt out of my head. I put it back in. She was very nice, and I helped her out, but it was hard to focus. She had 0 accent, and I sort of visualized her as one of those mega-blond, mega-rich, unnervingly youthful middle-aged private school moms who have no real job. I looked her up on Google. Basically, my guesses were corroborated in the form of http://www.spicelucks.tv/
She has a job, yes, but she is also older, blond, and somewhat unsettling.

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