Thursday, May 21, 2009

Soulful Days

No, this isn't really a soulful post. But I'm listening to a jazz piece by the above name on CBC Radio 2. If you're not a fan, become one. 

Work today was surprisingly uneventful. It would have been a good first day on the job since all the charts were there, and people weren't too crazy. Yeah, Henry ran around an hour and a half behind, but not one person complained to me. C'était un miracle! Even when a couple had been waiting 45 minutes, and I said it would be another 45, they were just kind of like, Ok...

The only prollo I have is that people keep dumping these day sheets on me and tell me to move all the appointments on there because Henry can't make it anymore. Surgery or something. Why this is mad hard for me:
  1. I have no access to the phone while Kitty is answering the never-ending flood of calls. And if I did, I would never be able to dial out because the phone is always ringing. Always.
  2. Henry's schedule is booked solidly til July. Sorry, prenatal mamas, you're going to be double-booked (to Henry's chagrin) and probably spend the rest of your life in the waiting room. And you, you non-urgent cases, yes, your appointment this week has been moved to a month later. Oh well! It's painful to find slots EVER, and I also just feel bad about screwing people over.
  3. 99% of his patients are ESL or ENL. As in 'never.' And so I can't even communicate that their appointment is being moved. It's kind of a big deal.
In other news, today is warm and sunny! Perfect. It's 8:00 pm and so now I plan to have a post-run shower, then do some knitting on my now-enjoyable sweater while talking to Carmen about my ridiculous breakup, then settle down with some tea to Anna Karenina. 

Lyrics du jour:

Herman the worm, all his hearts were broken
But he never gave up on love
Herman the worm, all his hearts were broken
But he never gave up on love

Now Herman, that sad soul. Had lead tragic life
His father, was fish bait, the early bird got his wife
His grandma wasn't very sly, she ended up in apple pie

Well, Herman, was squirmin', away back to his hole
His girlfriend, named Sally, had left him all alone
She turned into a butterfly, and flew away up into the sky

Now Herman, he found him another love so strong
They wiggled in the green grass, 'till a lawnmower came along,
The couple never had a clue, that breaking up is hard to do!

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